PracticOwl Web Design: Give a Hoot About Your Business

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Why PracticOwl?

If you’re like a lot of business owners, starting a website for your business feels daunting. So many different options, and even more companies offering web design services. How do you choose?

Plus, if you’re ready for a website, then you needed it yesterday, or even earlier. You’re not interested in a long, drawn-out process. You need something simple, out-of-the-box, that just works. Maybe you just need a placeholder for now so you can have your basic information online. Maybe you have a clear idea of a few different pages you need set up, but you need something put up quickly – no muss, no fuss.

PracticOwl Web Design specializes in simple, basic websites (like this one). I get it up and running for you quickly, so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business. You’re not a programmer, or a web designer, and you don’t have time late at night or on the weekends to try and build a new website for the first time yourself when you’d rather have that time for yourself or your family.

PracticOwl Web Design an set up a basic website for you that’s functional, displays the information you need displayed, for less than large website firms. Just get the website you need online now. And then if you need more, you can come back to PracticOwl to get it. You give a hoot about your business, so don’t take time away from running your business to try and “do-it-yourself.” Let PracticOwl Web Design do it for you.


  • Basic WordPress websites that get your business presence online quickly.
  • Even basic sites will show up on smartphones and tablets with no problem.
  • *Optimize your site pages for search engines.
  • *Tie in your website to your social media, like Facebook and Twitter.
  • *Make sure your site loads quickly so visitors see your site and not just your site loading.
  • *Use your own hosting service, or let PracticOwl host it for you.
  • *PracticOwl can update and optimize your older site, or even re-build it from scratch if necessary.
  • *PracticOwl training on how to update the site yourself – I’ll even train your employee(s) to do it for you.
  • * – Optional services

Get Started Today! Email or call (828) 777-0066.

Who is PracticOwl?

PracticOwl Web Design is a new company started by me, Max Mays. A long-time local of the Asheville area, I’ve seen first-hand some of the challenges small business owners face when trying to get a new website made. I decided to start PracticOwl to help small business owners get started with their own new websites, so you can have a strong foundation to get started with. And as your needs change, I can update and fine-tune your site so you can maintain your online momentum. Let’s talk and find out how I can help your business be more PracticOwl about your online presence.